Florida Minority Builders Coalition  
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Albert Pina

Florida Minority Contractors and Construction Companies come together to become a united voice for Access and Opportunities. Minority organizations come together to launch the Florida Minority Builders Coalition (FMBC) to provide a voice to these businesses that are on the front line to creating jobs and battling poverty in Florida minority low and moderate income communities.

Goals of FMBC:

  1. Establish state Board of Directors
  2. Develop website for access to:
    • Contract Opportunities
    • Key Corporate Contact Information
    • Technical Assistance
    • Tools and Resources

  3. Create Diversity Data Base
  4. Develop Access to Capital Points
  5. Develop Access to Bonding Points
  6. Measure Corporate Minority Construction Spend
  7. Develop Employee Get out to Vote Programs
  8. Increase Corporate Minority Construction Spend

Stay tuned for details on membership opportunities at www.floridaminoritybuilders.org (website under construction)

Contact FMBC@fmcrc.org for membership opportunities and information